The Story is an exciting new church-wide experience that unites and equips participants as they engage the Bible. Reading like a novel, The Story offers a seamless, compelling narrative. Condensed into 31 accessible chapters, The Story sweeps readers into an un folding chronological progression of Bible characters and events.


January 8th we will begin to read, THE STORY.  This book tells one of the greatest stories ever written, the story of a gracious God and His creation.  This book is compiled from scripture, taken from the NIV bible.  During the week, the church as a whole, from the youngest to the oldest is encouraged to the the chapter assigned for the week.  On Sunday we will preach one part of the story you read from the Biblical texts. 

Click here to download the reading plan, so that you can follow along. 

How do I purchase my book?

It is our desire that everyone who attends BCC would have a copy of THE STORY.  Each book has a suggested donation price, however we do not want price to stop you. If you need assistance please talk to one of the OMT members. 

There are three ways to purchase your books. We are encouraging you to buy the books through us since we were able to purchase the books at a bulk volume discount. 

1.) Purchase Online (Using a Credit Card)

You can click the link, or the picture to be taken to a form to purchase your books with your credit card.  Once your order has been assembled you will receive a call that you can pick up your books.

2.) Order Form (Using Check or Cash)

You can fill out an order form, and leave it under Pastor Sarah's Door.  Please include your form of payment with your order form. Once the order is put together you will be contacted and you can come and pick them up. 

3.) Sunday Mornings (Using Cash or Check)

On Sunday's we will have books for sale during service times and in-between services.  You can stop by and look at the books, fill out an order form or purchase them right then. 


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