Helpful Links

Here are the three links that were mentioned in Saturday's Email.  Over the next few days we will continue to provide links to things that we feel might be helpful. 

  • Think about these things...

    Click here for some short messages from the Pastoral Team.  We are putting together short videos to help us all stay encouraged. 

  • Emotional Wellness - Reflection Toon

    We have put together a tool to help you reflect on how this situation is affecting you and your overall well being. 

  • Using Elexio - Church Directory

    This link will take you to two video tutorials on how to access, log in to, and use the Elexio database and church directory. 

  • Perspectives on a Crisis Situation

    Here you will find the PDF for Dr. Phil Smith's Class tonight. 


  • Online Giving

    If you are looking for help using online giving, look no further.  This video is designed to help you learn to give using the app.  You can also click on the contribute page of the website to give electronically. 

  • List Item

    Type the content for this list item here. This is just example text to show you what it will look like when you enter text content into this list item. Your unique, authentic, and appropriate text will be filled into this section. Once you click into this text area, you will see the filler text disappear.