A Letter from Ms. Melissa

I’d like to say how much I have enjoyed working with the kids of BCC. I have been the Curriculum Coordinator of Children’s Discipleship for the past six years. Before that I was involved with Vacation Bible Camp and various parts of Children’s Discipleship since my son was in first grade. He is now a freshman in college.

I just want to share a few things. The kids and youth of BCC are amazing! They are smart, kind, energetic, hard working, funny and honest. They are always asking questions. One Sunday, a preschooler asked me, “What is God’s favorite snack?” Just recently one of the elementary kids asked me, “If God loves everyone, does He love Satan?” They make you take a closer look at the Bible stories you think you know and really dig deeper into it.

I would encourage anyone who is being called into Children’s Discipleship not to wait. You don’t have to be a Bible scholar. You don’t have to be the perfect teacher. All these kids need is someone who is authentic, caring, and willing to listen. If you wait to be perfect, you are missing the point. 

This ministry is God’s. He is not going to let it fail. One of the joys of my job has been watching God work. There have been many times that I did not have words or answers and yet God gave me what I needed every time. I can absolutely testify to this. Working in Children’s Discipleship is not a solo activity; it is a partnership with God. It’s the best kind of partnership because God doesn’t show up late or unprepared. He has got you covered. Sometimes He takes the lesson in a completely different direction, but it is exactly what the kids need because they are struggling with something. 

If you want to know what you really believe, try teaching it to a child. They are little truth magnets. They can tell if you don’t really believe what you are saying. It’s an amazing talent. One of my greatest challenges was when I was writing the “Identity in Christ” series with Lisa Bruno. We did one identity piece each week over the summer. I was supposed to teach “I am safe with God.” This happened to land on the anniversary of my father’s death and a reminder of a time that I did not feel very safe. Lisa would have taken that lesson in a heartbeat. God told me this lesson was mine to teach. There was healing there to be had. This did not mean the preparation was easy. I struggled all week with it. By the time Sunday came, I had a new perspective on this part of my identity and was able to convey it to the kids. You may not always feel safe in the world, but you are always safe with God. God uses you to teach them, but don’t worry: He has something to teach you too!

I often say that the future leaders of our church are already here. They just aren’t in the form we expect them to be. They are the youth and children at BCC. Some of these kids are growing into leaders, have amazing scripture recall, ask deep theological questions, have a heart to pray for others and are so compassionate to those around them.

I’d like to encourage you to step into this ministry. It’s my time to move on. God’s been clear on that. He is challenging me to leap into his plans without telling me what they are, so I’m on a new journey. My family has faithfully served with me without complaint. Wes and Sammi have already been making weekend plans, especially to spend more time with our family in Pennsylvania. 

Please be patient with me. It will be hard for me to adjust to being among adults. I might break out in motions during worship once in a while, or raise my hand to ask a question during the sermon. I wonder if Pastor Sarah would schedule in a snack time?

To the kids of BCC, thank you for a great six years! Thanks for the tons of questions, like “how does God get through the ozone layer?” Thanks for making me laugh by calling out “Hi Lady” when I’m counting you for attendance. Thanks for the tears when you just get it! On Pastor Kelvin’s last Sunday, we asked who wants to commit to Christ and several did. It was my privilege to be a part of you asking God into your heart! Yes, I did “ugly cry.” I couldn’t help it. You always surprise me because just when I think you are not paying attention at all, you wow me with a response that would make an angel proud!

I’m always for you! I am here for prayer requests or chats! Keep learning your memory verses even though it’s hard. I will keep working on it too, because you know I stink at memorizing. I know that God is calling some good new people to work with you! Remember: God loves you no matter what! He knows all the mistakes you will ever make, and died on the cross for them anyway. Nothing you can do can separate you from God and nothing will surprise Him. He will always fight for you and never gives up on you! You are the children of the One True King! May God bless you and your families with more than you could ever imagine! 

I’ll miss you all! Ms. Melissa

Thank you ! 

Thank you for your dedication, your time and your love. Not just the love you have for Jesus, but for our Children to know Jesus! Enjoy the next chapter of your faith story! 

You will be missed! 


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