What should I expect on a Sunday morning?

We have three different types of services - our Regular Sunday schedule, Communion Sunday and 5th Sunday.  

I have shared information about each service so you know what to expect. 

Regular Sunday Schedule

9:30 Service  

  • Check in at the Check in Station

  • Nursery - Preschool (Ages 0-5) - Kids go straight to their classes and begin their lesson activities

  • Elementary Kids (Grades 1-5) - The kids start in service with their parents.  We do this so that the kids have some worship time. After worship, they will be dismissed to class.  The teacher(s) wait at the back of the sanctuary to collect all the kids. We walk down together as a class.  All elementary students meet together in the same room for class. We start our lesson activities.

  • Parents pick the kids up after service has ended in the classroom.

11:00 Service

  • Check in at the Check in Station

  • All kids report to their classrooms. They settle in with their teacher and have a discussion time.

  • Preschool/Elementary - About 11:05, the kids go into the Worship Room where they have their own worship time. After worship, they are dismissed back to class where they work on their lesson activities.   

  • Parents pick the kids up after service has ended in the classroom.

Communion Sunday

  • Communion Sunday is the 1st Sunday of the month.

  • Communion is given at both our 9:30 and 11:00 services.

  • At Bedford Community Church, the Communion Table is open to all believers no matter what age. Children are welcome.  

  • If you would like help in explaining to your child about Communion or questions on the way Bedford Community Church gives communion, please see Melissa Cancro, Acting Children’s Discipleship Director.  Contact her at melissa@bedfordcommunitychurch or stop by her office. Any one of the Pastors are also willing to assist you. We have resources to help.

  • 9:30 Service is the same schedule as listed above except the Elementary kids will stay a little longer for Communion.

  • 11:00 Service - the Elementary kids will NOT go straight to their classrooms.  They will check in and start in service with their parents to worship and receive communion if they chose to.  They will be dismissed after communion. The teachers will be in the back of the sanctuary to collect the kids and walk as a group to class.

  • Parents will pick their kids up after service has ended in the classroom.

  • Nursery - Preschool - These classes still follow their normal schedule.  If you would like your preschooler to experience worship or participate in communion, that’s fine just bring the child to class afterwards. 

5th Sunday

  • Four times a year there are 5 Sundays in a month.

  • It is our Family Service. 

  • On this Sunday, we have one service at 10:00 a.m.

  • Bedford Community Church believes that it is important that children take part in service and feel apart of God’s family.  It is important for the children to see their parents and others participating in service so that when they have graduated from Children’s Discipleship being in service is not a foreign experience for them.

  • Nursery - Preschool - These classes still follow their normal schedule.  If you would like your little one to experience the worship part of the service, please feel free.  You can just drop them off in class afterwards if you want to.

First Time Visitors

  • We love having your kids in class.  However, we understand that it can be a little scary trying something for the first time.  So we are prepared to work with you if your little one is feeling a little shy or overwhelmed.  We want the kids and you to have a positive experience at Bedford Community Church. 

  • If your little one would like to stay with you in service, they are welcome too.  We are a multigenerational church and we love having our kids in service with us.

Check-In Video

If you have any questions about our check in procedure, please watch this helpful video!

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Children's Discipleship

Check out our social media pages to see what we are up to.


Here at BCC, our children are important to us. We take care to make sure that they are receiving the loving care and support they need to grow into kingdom people. We offer a variety of programs which are staffed by screened volunteers and based on age appropriate curriculum.

  • Open Book Tutoring is a free tutoring program that meets on Mondays and Thursdays during the school year. If you are interested in getting a tutor for your child, or becoming a tutor email Roger Garrison at Openbooktutors@gmail.com

  • Sunday School

    Sunday mornings we offer Sunday School for nursery - 5th grade at both the 9:30 and 11:00 services. During the summer we encourage our elementary children to join the family and worship together. We have family friendly sermons that include children involvement and have children sermon notes available. We offer classes for nursery - kindergarten all year round.

  • Kids Club

    Kids Club is on a hiatus but will be starting back up again soon!  When we begin again, we will send emails to all our parents to let them know. 


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