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Scripture is replete with the importance of rest. Our very salvation is best labeled as “REST”. So why are we so very bad at it? In the midst of the crazy-busy world in which we live, we would do well to recapture the essence of the rest that Christ calls us to in Him. This four-week series establishes boundaries for our life and work, and rediscovers that only through rest will we find our highest potential.

Out of Office. It’s time to get away, to shut off the cell phone and disconnect for a while. It’s Summertime, and the living should be easy. But why does it seem so hard to wind down and relax? It takes four days away just to begin feeling like you’re in vacation mode, only to have to return to the grind two days later. Well, there’s a better way. Scripture gives us clear parameters to not only unplug and relax, but to bring that back with you when you return.

Join us for Out of Office, and let’s learn together the Bible’s prescription for rest and relaxation.