As members of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, we are led by an Onsite Ministry Team, cared for by a group of Deacons, our facilities are kept in great shape by a Board of Trustees, and we are governed by a Board of Elders.

  • Erin Bovee

    Pastor of children's discipleship


  • Melissa Cancro

    CUrriculum Coordinator of Children's Discipleship


  • Chase Connolly

    Pastoral Resident

  • Roberto Florian

    Building & Maintenance

  • Alexa Ojeda 

    coordinator of Worship Ministries

  • Eric 'Pelly' Peloquin

    Pastor of emerging generations discipleship



  • Sarah Samson

    Executive pastor of Administration and Ministries


  • Lois Shellrude

    Pastor of adult discipleship & Missions


  • Jim Vanderlyn

    executive director of operations & Finance


  • Kelvin Walker

    Lead Pastor



Board of Elders

Those who serve as Elders partner with the lead pastor in giving oversight to all matters concerning the church. The Board of Elders has three main responsibilities: to partner with the lead pastor in hearing from God regarding the spiritual direction/pulse of the church; in keeping the church on mission; and in handling all business and legal matters of the church.


The ministry of the Deacons is to help those in our congregation who are in need. Within every local congregation, there will be those who have a need for short term financial or practical assistance. Perhaps they are in between jobs; or they’re hit with an unexpected expense of some kind; or even a need for assistance with groceries or utilities. They also assist from time to time with connecting people to the proper services or resources for needs in their lives that go beyond finances.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible to help maintain the physical facilities of Bedford Community Church. This includes, but is not limited to, keeping everything in good working order, maintaining the property, and keeping us safe and in compliance with building codes. 

Our Ministry Partners

At BCC, we believe that we can't reach  Northern Westchester alone, so we are intentional to work with other organizations that share the same heart as we do. There are several partners and co-laborers we support (both financially and with our time and other resources) that we would love to put you in contact with. If you are curious about this list of ministry partners, please contact us.